My Resources

These of some of my favorite websites on the internet. They are excellent resources for future and current dentist. You should check them out, and I would highly reccomened bookmarking them as great resources. Trust me, you will need them later.

Dental School and Administration

These are resources about dental organizations and dental schools. They are the administrative type links that will help you find official information.

Dental Associations

These are student organizations where you can get a peers perspective on dentistry. These links are very valuable, they can help you with interviews, applications, and even study groups.

Dental Clinics and Labs

These are some of the dental clinics and labs that have a history of helping students or helping me with this website. These are the best of the best, and they will help you learn about dentistry.

School Help

Useful information for an aspiring dentist. These are websites that I have used frequently in school, the appication process, and developing this website.

Other Resources

 Other excellent internet resources that I have found and used. These are not about dentistry but they should be of some value to you.

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  1. Hi thanks for your post. I am a recent bio grad. I am alitttle unsure about pursuing dentistry and not being able to open a practice as you said. Now I never applied to dentistry but not sure if I should and focus on dat. Is it good to get masters? I don’t know if i should take chance of studying for dat.? I am unemployed right now. I have good gpa and past dental experience.

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