Prepare for Dental School in High School

So you are still in high school, but you know you want to be a dentist. First thing I would say to you is to make sure you know you want to be a dentist. Read over some of my articles about becoming a dentist and seriously consider it before you make any big decisions. If you know you want to be a dentist, there are things you can do, even in high school to help you prepare to become a dentist.

Shadow a dentist

Shadowing is when you go in and watch a dentist work. Try to get a job working for a dentist or volunteer, even if it is just for a few hours a week. If you suggest this to a dentist, most of them will be willing to let you come in and shadow. This is a great opportunity for you to feel and learn about the environment and learn if it is right for you.

Try to watch what the dentist does. See how he/she gives shots, works with people, fill cavites, etc… Try to imagine if it something you can see yourself doing. If you are lucky, the dentist will show you around his practice and let you see everything. Just get a feel for it and decide if it is something you want to do.

Keep track of the hours you have been shadowing, because when you apply to dental school, they are going to ask you questions about these types of things. Learn a lot about dentistry now, especially while you are in high school. When you actually apply or go for your interview, you will be able to talk about dentistry. This will make you a stronger applicant to the people interviewing you.

Attend a Health High School

Attend a Health Careers High School
Attend a Health Careers High School

If there is a health high school in your school district, try to get into this school. These offer an excellent exposure to the health profession.

They frequently offer classes like:

  • Medical Technology
  • Diagnostic Services
  • General Patient Care
  • Medical Administration
  • Clinical Rotation
  • Dental Sciences
  • Scientific Research and Design

Getting in to these high schools usually costs no extra money, but not all school districts have them. Acceptance can be based on merit or the lottery system. Check and see if your school district has a health center high school.

Science and math classes

Take science and math classes in high school. It is great if you can take AP science classes. Take as many science classes as you can, especially chemistry, biology, physics, and even prepare in math. These are classes you need to do well in because they count as part of your science GPA.

When you apply to dental school, your science GPA is weighted more heavily. They particularly look at your general chemistry, organic chemistries, biology, genetics, physics and math. So make sure you do well in those classes by starting to get good at them now.

Also, they are on the DAT admissions test. So if you can prepare for them, if you can start learning and feeling comfortable with these science classes early, then everything will be easy for you the next four to eight years because you are going to continue the classes even in dental school.

Start developing hand skills

Another thing you can do that might help you is to develop your hand skills. Try taking up a musical instrument. That is something people did that they say helps.

Something I have seen help students even more is to become artistic. You don’t need to become a great artist to become a dentist, but the people that are great artists in the dental school with me right now, are the best with their hands.

An example of carving teeth in dental school
An example of carving teeth in dental school

They produce some of the finest work. Take an art class and actually pay attention in it. Try to learn something, get good at drawing with your right or left hand. Get good with modeling or plasters, whatever your art class has. Working with your hands will really help you.

Participate in Community Service

Get involved with community service. This will help you apply to your undergraduate university or college and also your dental school. It will help with your people skills and might give you a better idea about what you want to do.

Look into Early Acceptance Programs

Some dental schools have early acceptance programs. By performing well in high school you can become accepted into one of these programs. Start looking into these programs early, you will need a few credit hours and some planning to apply. San Antonio will only let you apply if you have between 12 and 30 college credit hours. So make sure you look into it early and fit in your schools window.

Early Acceptance Program for Dental School
Picture of Early Acceptance Program for San Antonio Dental School

In an early acceptance program you start college knowing that you will finish your college in the dental school. You do the first three years of college at a University participating in the program, and the forth year in dental school.

So instead of eight years you only need seven, and you get a dental degree and a bachelors degree from the dental school. Also, once you are in the program if you meet a minimum GPA requirement  you are guaranteed a seat in the school.

Set Yourself Apart

Make it your goal now to think of anything you can do to set yourself apart from all of the other people applying to dental school. If you can be a good strong applicant to your college or university, then you should be a good strong applicant to dental school. Keep doing those same things.

Comment Below?

We’ve had a huge response on this topic. I’m very happy to answer your questions, but first please read over this article and become familiar with this website. Most of your questions are probably already answered here.

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  1. Hi!
    I’m a Freshman in America but in a Cambridge program whose curriculum is entirely made by people in England. I can’t really take much higher classes than I am now and unlike the regular curriculum in my school, Cambridge students take advanced curriculum. We also have mid-term and end of year Cambridge exams every year. I am doing well in Biology but I have a B+ to a low A in Pure Math 1. Which is basically Algebra 2. How important is math in Dentistry because I’m good at math just not great and I hope that doesn’t affect my chances of being a dentist just not doing great at math but maybe being good at everything else. Also at what age/year of high school am I allowed to start shadowing dentists, just looking at what they’re doing. I am trying to get into a University of Washington Dentistry Program where you do activities so you can work with dentists and try some stuff out. Also get some prior knowledge. I would like to know what that counts as since in your articles you said it would be better to record your hours. There are varying sessions this year and each are 3 hours.

    Thank you so much!
    Your article has really helped me!

  2. Hi Nicholas
    This is Srijan I am new to Canada and in grade 10 I have already chosen the subjects for this year but I am afraid that I have taken too many electives or extra curricular classes, moreover I won’t be studying any enriched or AP courses this year. Do you think this can hurt my probability of becoming a dental student or getting accepted in good dental school in the future?

  3. I’m the second year of high school and I wanna know which course is most significant and what things do I need to do for becoming a dentist.

  4. Hey I’m going to 12th grade and I wanted to know if I should do pre-cal or not. I hate advanced math. I could always take accounting. Thank you for reading.

    1. Sorry my response is kind of late but personally I think you should take an advanced or AP science class or art class if available as science is more important for a career like a dentist’s or art just to get good with your hands.

  5. Hi, I am in 8th grade and I want to become a Dentist, my Freshman Curriculum night is tomorrow and needs to know a scale for my 4 years in high school. I hope someone can help me with getting my schedule. Thanks, and I might have more questions, stay active, please!!

    1. High school classes are not required for dental school in the United States. What matters is the college classes you take. However, taking hard science classes like biology, chemistry and physics will help prepare you for college which will help you get better grades in college. I would suggest you consider those. =)

    2. AP Chemistry, AP Biology, AP Physics, and AP calculus are strongly recommended AP classes to take in high school.

  6. I have already set my goal on becoming a dentist but the only problem is that my Parents have another goal in store for my future and the second is that I have little knowledge on the steps i should know on how to become one or what subject i should take, I am just confused.
    I am now a year 13 in the High School of Moroni in Kiribati and even i have a relative as a dentist, i prefer to find another university or college i could apply to that would help me in making my goal come true as a dentist rather than going to USP in Fiji.
    I am a science student taking subjects of Biology, Chemistry, Math(Calculus) and English and though I am not sure of what subjects I should take to follow on my goal.

    So any tip would help greatly on the part that I do not have a hint into what i am doing right or what i should be doing and where i should be looking.

  7. Hello
    I`m a student in Melbourne and actually I`m in year 11.My subjects are Biology , chemistry, general math , psychology and computing. I wanted to know are my subjects fine for me to become a dentist ?
    Also is it ok to not choosing physic in Melbourne for becoming a dentist ?
    Thank you

  8. I am still a tenth grade student and I want to become a dentist and I can’t figure out which classes should I take in my junior and senior year. And what classes should I take in my career and technology center. I already took health science intro in my sophomore year. And I already choose my health science 1 and 2 for my junior year. And in which classes should I focus more. I hope you replied thank you.

    1. Hi Rahil!
      I want to become a dentist as well and I am in the same position as you. I am also a student in the tenth grade. My cousin, who is a dentist, always tells me to challenge myself with all the hardest science and math classes. During your junior and senior year it’s best that you take an AP science, whether its biology or chemistry as well as an AP math course, which will probably be Calculus. My cousin recommends to take some sort of art class, just because dentistry requires you to use your hands really well. Hope this helps! Feel free to ask me questions through my email!

      1. hi, I am a grade 11 student and I’ve taken grade 11 math, biology, and chemistry I’m also taking computer science and accounting. I know you said that you should take an art class, but I can’t because I must have taken it in grade 9 and 10 to continue. is it still ok

    2. Hi. I guess you already graduated from HS. anyway I am also in my sophomore year in high school and i want to go a dentistry uni/college any tips or advice you would like to give me for my junior and senior classes to get a good GBA.
      thank you

  9. Hello,
    I am a sophmore in high school and I have a gpa of 3.2. Its not the best. I really want to become a dentist and am looking into colleges and seeing what classes they require for me to become one. What are the best colleges for dentists in Tennesse? Also what are some high school classes I need to take? Thanks so much

  10. Hi I’m a sophmore i want to be a dentist so much. My grades are average, my hand skills are really good but I’m a traditional student(not a citizen) living in Toronto, English is not my main laguage. Sometimes i hesitate while I’m speaking, writing. I’ll do my best but is it too hard for me to become a dentist?
    -and which courses i MUST take in high school?
    -And can i work as a dentist if I gradute with good marks?
    If you can answer these questions I’d be so glad thanks

  11. Hello, my name is Quetlxali and I am a senior this year in high school and I want to become a orthodontist. However, i am going to a community college first then transfer to a unvistery. I was wondering what classes do i need to take my first years in community college? I don’t want to enter college and take the wrong classes and waste my time. I was also wondering if you can example to me the steps i need to become a orthodontist so i can be more clear about it.
    Thank you hope you respond to my questions

  12. What happen if I don’t like math that much but science I am great at what should I do about math? Should I keep doing math or take all science next year when I am a senior.

  13. hi! I’m an eighth grader and I frequently get asked with the question of, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” Apparently, according to my mother, ever since I was as little as 4 years old, I wanted to become an orthodontist. I know one might think that I’m too young, or I’m still a middle schooler and I have many years before that life changing decision. However, like every parent, they want the best for their child, so my parents encourage me to start thinking fast. My brother, and my sister were valedictorians in my local high school, and my parents want to hold that title. I have over +100 volunteer hours, I already finished my e and f course ( just need one more year to finish my c ) I want to become an orthodontist, like it has been a part of me since age 4. The thought of being school for 10-11 years as well as taking the DAT, applications for, again, more colleges makes me feel stressed out and eerie. Despite of me being an eighth grader, I already take high school classes because of adaptation of common core. So I was wondering what classes will I have to take in high school/college, and if I can get my bachelors degree faster than 5 years?

  14. Hi, I’m a junior in high school and I want to become a dentist, it’s the only thing I want to do. I take all AP classes, am in the HOSA club, shadowed an oral surgeon, and everything else. My question is however, what do I do if I’m not good at science. It is my worst subject, and I’ve never been good at it. I know there is a lot of science involved in becoming a dentist. What do you suggest I do?

    Thank You

  15. Hi, i did high school in my back home(years before) than i did dental assistan in 2006 from Toronto accredited school work for 1 yr than move on to dental hygiene program.
    2010 graduated and work as a dental hygienist for sometime.i don’t have bachelor degree in science or in any field.please tell me what are the chances for me to get into dental school plus i am 40 plus(do you think age matter in order to get admission).
    thanks a lot :).

  16. Hi am Oneil and a current senior at springbrook high school. i intend to pursue a career in dentistry because i know am interested and i love and would want to become a dentist. my current gpa is 2.63. i plan to attend a community college for 2yrs before tranferring into a 4yrs college. Please, am pleading that you give me some guidelines on the courses i need to take in my freshmen year and the procedure of attending a community college then transferring into a 4yrs college then getting into a dental school, please i really need your help, i really want to become a dentist. But am i making the right move by getting into a community college in the first place?

  17. I’m a junior in high school. I know for sure that I want to be an orthodontist. I want to go into a direct dentistry program, so skip undergrad. Which schools have those programs, what are they’re acceptance rates, and how can I get in?

  18. Hi, I’m a freshman and I’m thinking to take AP Physics, AP Chemistry, AP Biology, Human Anatomy Honors, and AP Calculus BC, and Georgia Tech College Math. Is it right for me took take these classes to prepare to become a dentist? Also should I join HOSA club in high school? It’s a medical related club in school. Although dentistry is in the medical field, it is a bit different. Another question is what volunteer activities should I do?

    1. Yes, take as many science classes as you can, these will prepare you most for dental school. This medical related club also sounds smart. Finally, almost any volunteer activities can help, try to think of ways to set yourself apart. When the 40 of you are sitting outside the deans office preparing to interview, what can you talk about that is different?

  19. Hi, I’m a junior in high school and I’m really considering being a Dentist. What I plan on doing is earning my Bachelor’s degree (I’m not sure which degree would be best especially being in Florida.) Then I plan on moving to Texas and getting into a Dental program & shadowing a relative who is a Dentist.
    So few questions:
    What are all the undergraduate degrees I could major in for my first 4 years?
    What degree did you earn?
    What should I look forward when being in a Dental Program?
    What’s you opinion on my plans?

      1. And one more question, can I get my AA degree then got to a university because universities r expensive and I’m very confident I’ll get into a university it’s just money thanks.

    1. Hello I’m currently a sophomore and taking chemistry. I’m planning to be finished completely with my math classes including calculus ab etc. I will be done with physics and chem and another science on what I take. Do u think that’s a good start and start foreshadowing dentist? I really am planning to make it into the dentistry. I want it to be my career. Do you think I would be able to pass the following classes in college in less time so I don’t need to be in for seven years?

      1. It’s possible, but most people need 8 years to become a dentist. You can do some classes at a community college, I don’t see any problem with that as long as you get A’s.

        1. K thanks man your very helpful I’m planning to start my AA as a junior so I’ll keep u updated with anything I need a lil help with

        2. As you stated that we can take classes at a community college, so my question is that do I have to take these classes after I am done with high school to make them count for college or can I take them while in high school?

          1. If they are from a community college they should work. I don’t see any difference if you take them after high school or during high school, so long as they come from an accredited college.

  20. Exactly, what high school classes do I have to take? I’m in 8th grade and we’re doing this project where I have to find out some things about my career that I choose to be.

    1. It dose not matter what you take in high school, all prerequisites are done in at a college or university (assuming you are a U.S. or Canadian student). I would suggest you taken science courses like biology or chemistry to prepare yourself.

  21. Hey,
    I am in grade 10 and I am halfway done with it. My second semester just started and now it’s the time to choose courses for grade 11. My parents want me to do something in science, so I decided to study dentistry. I read you answers above and they actually helped me and increased my knowledge; I have a question that in grade 11 do I need to take all three of the sciences Physics, Chem, and Bio? What if I just take Chem & Bio? Also what is the name of the credential that I will be awarded with if I do Bachelors of Biology, in the university that I will go after completing High School? Do I need to study Math in the university? Please just help me out! My course choices are due on 14th February

    Aaraf Waheed

    1. Hi Aaraf,

      If you are tying to become a dentist in the U.S. or Canada, you will have to take all the required classes from a 4-year university. It doesn’t matter what you take in high school. But… if you do take some hard science classes while you are in high school that will make it easier in college and you can get better grades. Focus on physics, chemisty, and biology, since these are the core sciences that really matter. Best of luck!

    1. Absolutely,

      Dental schools don’t care much about high school grades. Sure it helps, but the only thing that matters is how you do in college. Make a goal to work really hard in college and get all A’s. This will show any admission committee that you have changed and want it. Best of luck!

  22. I’m going to be in 10 grade next year but This year I was not doing my best offered so what are the grades I am suppose to get in the next 3 years of high school ( I mean grades and scores)

  23. okay…so here it is… I am a senior in high school. My grades are fairly average, but my school didn’t have that many A.P. classes at all. So I have taken A.P. Biology and that’s it! Ive taken honors in everything else though. However, my math isn’t that good and I’m only going into trig/pre-cal honors (as a senior)

    I REALLY want to be a dentist. I cannot afford undergrad college at the moment, so my question is:
    What are the steps needed to get into it via community college, in CALIFORNIA. I want to stay in Cali, but many uni’s don’t allow community colleges. What do I do now?

  24. I really do want to become an orthodontisT. I’m just afraid that it will take alot of effort, because i know this is the path I am supposed to take. I just want to know the best way to not be so………i don’t know…….LAZY??!! If this question even relates to the topic at hand.

  25. Hi! I’m a junior in high school. Do you know what predental students generally major in to apply to undergraduate colleges?

    1. Most people usually get an undergraduate degree in biology or a similar major. But it really doesn’t matter very much, just make sure you get all your required classes. I would suggest getting a major in something that you love, and while you are doing it you can just take the required classes on the side.

      1. Thank you! Do you think it is necessary to take AP Biology while you’re in high school? I’m taking AP Chemistry this year, so I’ve been contemplating if I should take AP Biology next year.

        1. The more you learn the better off you will be as an undergraduate student. But be aware, I do not think that AP classes can be counted when you apply to dental school. I think that you will need to retake all of these classes at college, regardless of what your grade is. But I bet you will ace them since you already did it once =) You might want to call the dental school and make sure about AP classes.

          1. Sorry! One more question! If you get accepted into a school with an accelerated dental program and go there, do you know if you have to take the DAT? Does being part of an accelerated dental program substitute for going to a school and applying to dental school? Thank you once again fro answering my questions!

          2. I believe that if you get into the 3-4 program you still have to take the DAT. However, there is much less emphasis on the scores, you just need to get over a certain low requirement. I am under the impression that you also still have to apply, but assuming you meet the 3-4 requirements, you have a guaranteed seat at the school.

            If you are serious about the 3-4 program you should call the school and ask these questions to an advisor.

    2. Hii Im angie and i really want to be a dentist when i grow up. i am in the 9th grade now and my school does not give ap clases. Do you know any ways i can take college classes ahead or what would you recommend me to do to get into dentel school. do you know any programs for highschool students to do to give them a better chance in applying to dentist school.
      i really appreciate everything. please reply back
      thank you alot alot alot.

      1. Most high schools will let you take college classes at a community college and get credit for high school and college. I would bet that you can find something like that. Talk with your counselor and see what you find out.

  26. Hi im a junior in highschool
    And i have a lot of questions:

    What should my sat scores and gpa be in order to get into a seven year ba/dds program?
    And do they focus more on your grades or your essay? Or equally on both?
    How many shadowing and volunteer hours are required or at least enough to look good?
    Is a 3.8 gpa and a 2100 sat 1 good enough?
    What about the SAT 2? Is it a requirement?
    If so is it ok if I take just Chem and math 2?
    And what is the acceptance rate for SUNY school combined degree programs?

    Thanks, in advance!

    1. Hi and thanks for the questions.

      I am sorry but these are very specific questions. There are too many variables for me to really give any good answers. My advice to you would be to call the admissions office at your preferred university. Good luck!

  27. Hi, I am a sophmore in high school and I’m positive I want to be an orthodontist. I have a 3.8 gpa with all AP and Honors courses and I work at an orthodontic practice. My biggest concern is getting into a pre-dental school or possibly a 7 year program (I know that once I get in I can push myself to get good grades). Do you think I’m on the right path with my grades, and is there anything you think I can do to better my chances of getting into a pre-dental school?

    1. Yeah, there are lots of things you can do. Here are a few suggestions.

      1. Find ways to set yourself apart. Check out this article about the
      2. Study hard and try to get your GPA up.
      3. Keep working for the ortho practice and make sure it is something you want in life.

  28. So I’m planning to go to a community college and take a pre-dental course then transfer to UCSanDiego. Doesn’t that school offer dentistry? Does that count as a dental school or do I have to graduate from UCSD then go to a dental school?

  29. I want to get accepted into Dental school, but it’s obviously a very competitive field. Would you suggest doing my undergrad work in the same state as the Dental school that I hope to get admitted to? I heard that they take in-state students prior to out-of-state. What are your thoughts on this? What do you reccommend I do?

  30. Hi, I am a sophomore in high school in buffalo network, and I go to a not so good high school. My hs is kinda in the lower rated areas, but my science and math grades are great, high 90’s. I am considering The University of Buffalo or the University of Florida. Could I still get in these universities, even though I go to a not so good high school?

  31. hi I’m thinking of becoming a dentist , but im not sure i could make it because i go to a community college? also if i take some pre-dentistry classes there and i transfer to a university would i have to take all those classes again?

    1. Usually you don’t have to re-take classes taken at an accredited community college. However, dental schools will be more concerned if you took all the higher science classes there. People know that Universities are more challenging, you will be compared to people that took classes at Universities.

      I would suggest that you taken ~30 credits at the community college and then transfer to a University.

  32. Hi I’m a senior in high school in California. I have some regrets on how I have handled my time in high school. Mostly slacked off, but that has changed now. Anyway, I want to become a Dentist obviously, but I need some help and advice. I’m currently in a 11 month dental assisting program, while also in high school. In June I will complete the class and take the RDA test. When I pass and become a registered dental assistant, where do I go from there? I know you’ve written before that you should get into a 4 year university and then dental school. Honestly speaking though, I don’t have the grades and I haven’t taken the right/enough classes to get into a 4 year college. I’ve taken the easy road through high school and I feel that I screwed myself over now. So… What should I do about this?

    Thank you in advance,

    1. Here is one way to make a come-back.

      1. Get 30 hours as a community college, its very easy to get into. With ~30 hours you can transfer to a University and they won’t consider you high school grades any more.

      2. Get a science degree at the university and prepare for dental school.

      3. Apply to dental school and be successful

      (and work really hard the whole time)

  33. Hi, I’m a junior in HS. Not sure about dentistry but thinking about it. My grades haven’t been all that great but if I get good grades in college will that matter as much when I go to apply for dentistry?

    1. High school grades are not that important for dental school. What matters most is your University grades, so work really hard and you will get in.

  34. Hi I am a junior in high school and when I took careers a business class in my school shadowed my dentist and I love the idea of being a dentist. I’m just wondering what types of math and science classes I should take if I should take AP bio\anatomy, physics, or any because I’m taking chemistry right now and as juniors in our school we had a choose to take physics or chem this yr and I’m taking chem. I’m also taking algebra 2 and next year statistics and pre-calc. Is that okay I don’t know what to take exactly when it comes to science or math courses because there’s many! and I really like biology.

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for the email. My comments are with respect to dental schools in the United States. In order to get into a dental school you must have a B.S. from a college or University. To get into dental school you need to take certain classes, mostly the sciences (biology, chemistry, organic chemisty and physics) from a college or University.

      You should make your decision about high school classes with your main goal on success in college. But if you have options choose from the science classes. Learn as much as you can, study hard and you will be fine.

  35. Hi, I am a junior in high school, do I have to take trigonometry to become a dentist? And is it possible to become a dentist when my gpa is 3.8 and my composite score for my ACT is 23?

    1. What matters most is your grades from an undergraduate University. Most dental schools hardly even look at your high school grades.

      Focus on getting into a good University and meeting their requirements.

  36. I’m a sophomore in high school. I have researched alot about dentistry and I think it would be a good fit for me. I have very good people skills and I am a good student. My GPA is a 3.9 and I am making A’s and B’s. I do very well in chemistry. I am trying to plan my schedule for next year and I do not know what to take. I want to attend Louisville University. There is a program offered through my high school called Prosser School of Technology. There is a program there I am interested in taking called Introduction to Health Careers. A career option that the class will help you achieve is a dental assistant. If I attend Prosser I can only take 3 classes at my highschool and I would most likely recieve a technical honors diploma. The Prosser program is a 2 year program, but both years are not mandatory. I do not know if I should go to Prosser and get the experience , where they would teach me anatomy and phisiology, or continue at my high school all day taking AP classes and getting an academic honors diploma.

    ps. My schedule is due tomorrow! ~ Please help me!

    1. Sounds like you have two very good choices. I think you can do either one of these options very well, so long as you work hard.

      If you choose the academic path you can still shadow and work with a dentist, thus getting experience. This will help prepare you for dental school.

      If you choose the dental assistant path, you will still need to take all your core science classes at an undergraduate university. So you will still learn the basic sciences needed to get into dental school.

      Either way, your next big step is getting into a good undergraduate university and making good grades. Just make sure that you can do that, then I think both options are fine. And if you are in doubt about that, be sure and talk with an advisor.

  37. 4 years at a state college earning your Bachelors Degree in Biology or Chemistry
    Do A Pre-dental Program
    Then I take the DAT and apply to Dental School?

    Is that right

    1. Yes, that is correct. Although, most people will take the DAT during their 4 year college degree. This is because they are most prepared from taking all their science classes. Also, you can apply to dental school during your last year that way no time is wasted and you transition right in.

  38. Hello im Kalah!

    I am a Freshmen in Highschool, I am absolutely positve that I want to be a dentist, I have done a lot of research and I really love it! Should I start reading dental key terms or learning the tools or anything?

    1. I would suggest getting a job working for a local dentist. Ask if you can volunteer or shadow him. This is the best way to learn about the profession. Do well in school and college, then you will be fine.

  39. My unweighted gpa is 3.0, weighted probably around 3.6. Is dental school still a career option. I’m a junior and want this career path but I don’t think my gpa is high enough. I also plan on attending our local state college for a bachelors. Would a dental school accept that or do I need to goto a university.

    1. Your high-school GPA doesn’t matter very much. Start at a state college and get all A’s. Then once you have about 30 credit hours transfer to a University. Keep getting all A’s. If you can do this you will have no problem getting into dental school. Stay positive, you can do it!

  40. Hi,
    Am a senior in high school and I didnt get accepted in to the college i really wanted to go to. Do you think its a possibility for me to get into medical school if I go to community college my first year?

    1. It is possible to transfer from a community college to a University. Start at the community college and do really well, get all A’s for about 30 credit hours. After that transfer over to a nice University. Keep your grades up and you will be fine.

  41. I am a senior in High School and I was wondering could you maybe let me know of a couple of Dental schools that are in Texas and near Houston. Also what courses do I need to take in a university in order to be able to go into dental school, and what must my GPA be in order to get accepted into Dental School as I pursue my Career in becoming an orthodontist.

    1. There are 3 dental schools in Texas, Houston, San Antonio and Baylor.

      GPA’s vary depending on the school you apply to, DAT scores, other activities, etc… Just get really good grades and you should get in.

  42. Hello,

    I am a junior in highschool, and I excel at English, Biological Science and Social Studies. But I get B’s in math and I have yet to take Physics. I am in all honors and A.P. but none of the A.P. credits are in science or math. I have a 3.9 gpa and a 24 composite on my ACT. Should I still consider going to school for dentistry? And if so what are some good colleges near or in tennessee I could attend. Thanks so much for this site! Very Helpful.

    1. Your grades sound just fine. Nice job. As far as getting into dental school, first you need to get the required college classes taken care of. Most people get a bachelors degree before applying to dental school. So your next step is to pick an undergraduate university and finish all the required classes for dental school. Make sure you keep your GPA up while finishing all the undergraduate classes.

      Here is my list of the (a href=’’>North American dental schools. Good luck!

  43. Hello. I’m a high school junior interested in dentistry, and I’m definitely glad my research led me to your site! As a fellow Texan resident, I’ve been considering UTHSCSA as an optional college of my choice. Currently, the high school I am attending is not a magnet school, so my question is, “Does that specified fact set me lower on the scale of college applicants, and to what degree does it honestly have an affect towards my college acceptance?” As a average teenager still trying to “find herself” in life, I’ve discovered a passion which enabled me to want to become involved with dentistry in my 3rd year. Upon reading your webpage, focusing on the Set Yourself Apart discussion, I would like to know, “Is there some program I need to apply to if I wanted to major and minor/double major in two different fields?” Also, I’ve been involved at school with activities such as Novice Debate Tournaments and Competitive Robotics Team. If possible, could you aide me with how I could connect those interests and developed skills with dentistry? Thank you for your time.

    1. Hi and thanks for your comments,

      I don’t think going to a specific high school will change your dental application much, unless you are going to a Health High School. What matters most with regards to your dental application is your performance during your under-graduate college. Make sure you consider 3+4 programs like the one offer at the University of Texas San Antonio (UTSA). Getting a degree there will certainly help you get into UTHSCSA after. Keep staying involved in different programs and expand your interests. I would suggest talking with your high school counselor and then once you get into a college, talking with the pre-professional office.

      Best of luck!

  44. I am a junior in high school and i’m wondering if i have to go to community college before applying at dental school and how many years do you think i would have to take? Also i’m very good in my math classes but, i am not to good in science. How much do you think that would weigh in for getting into dental school?

    1. Before you can go to dental school you need to fulfill certain requirements. This includes lots of science classes. I would say that about 90% of people finish getting a bachelors degree before they get into dental school. You will have to take college classes. You can start at a community college but I would advise transferring to a university after getting about 30 credit hours. Check out my requirements article: (Dental school requirements)

      Also, science is most important for dental students. Start studying that subject more diligently because it matters most.

  45. Hi this is my last year in high school and wanting to become a dentist,, i was wondering what courses i can do in the community college or if i should jus enroll into a college to come a dentist?? am lost about whats my next step into becoming a dentist? am in phildelphia.

    1. I think it looks better if classes are taken at a 4 year college because dental schools know that they are usually harder.. However, getting A’s trumps that. So if you think you can get A’s easier at a community college, I would suggest starting there. Just get your pre-requistes for the 4 year college at your community college. Talk to a college guidance counselor and setup a plan for graduation.

  46. I’m doing correspondence for high school and was wondering if you could tell me exactly what courses i should choose to become a dentist?

    1. Since you are only in high school, none of your courses will be listed on your dental application. Therefore, your #1 purpose should be do take classes that will help you succeed at an undergraduate college. The sciences are really important so take chemistry, biology, math, and physics. Now is the time to develop awesome study skills. Remember, you are going to need to be successful in college so a well rounded education is necessary for all the general classes.

      Also, be prepared to talk with the dental school about why you chose correspondence over a traditional high school, I know a friend who was in your situation and the question came up.

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